The Art of Slowing Down

Does the thought of laziness make you feel somewhat guilty or bad about yourself? Well, it’s actually really healthy and good for you. I like to call it a time-out or re-charging my batteries for a day. Living in such a goal driven society we have forgotten how to just be. Laziness has a bit of a negative connotation and many of us suffer from guilt when we’re feeling lazy or unmotivated. Laziness can be guilt free and indulgent, it’s all in how you choose to look at it.

Did anyone ever tell you to “get lazy?” No? Well, maybe it’s time to consider telling yourself to do just that…..

Slowing down and if you want to call it laziness…… is part of getting quiet. They both go hand in hand. Part of getting quiet and slowing down is paying attention to what is around you. Have you ever noticed just how distracted most people are? One of the biggest issues with this is how we all feel this need to be connected digitally, especially to our phones, from social media to constant texting. I’m also guilty of this and try not to get so caught up in it. Have you ever tried to unplug for at least a 1/2 an hour and just be still? Look at what is around you and start to notice things that are in your immediate reach. This will get you more present, centered and in the moment.

We live in a world that is so fast which has it’s benefits but on some level it’s not always to our advantage when it comes to our health. When you have a million things on your to do list it can be completely overwhelming which makes it hard to even think about slowing down. Try to focus on what’s really important and then let the rest go. Maybe even give yourself some guilt free “lazy” time and see how it feels and find out just how much more productive you can be the next day.

Look outside and see how the lightness in the sky is falling. Is it dark? Is it sunny, cloudy, hot, humid? To become mindful, observe your thoughts and your environment. Slow down and feel the benefits that can allow you to be more peaceful and quiet. Every once in a while I need to give myself a lazy day to unplug and do less. Feeling or being lazy means that your mind and your body are craving a break to re-charge your internal battery. It’s a clear indication that you actually should rest. When you ignore these signs it can lead to burnout. A weekend away or even better, a full on vacation is a wonderful opportunity to indulge in some laziness. Since there is still time before summer comes to an end, why not take some time to soak up the sun and see where it takes you.

So take a break, big or small and savour all of the goodness it can give you. Most likely after you’ve had your lazy time your level of productivity will double once you return. Slowing down and doing less can also help you be in an effortless flow of life. Instead of forcing and pushing things to happen, let go and be, allow things to unfold and see where it takes you.

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