Taking a haiku holiday

Close to the beginning April I was blessed with going on a wonderful and much needed beach vacation with my main squeeze/partner/man friend to Sayulita, Mexico. It’s now been about a week since we got back and it already feels like it was a long time ago. It was a fantastic and relaxing trip that was filled with quiet and lazy days, a ton of walking and soaking up some stunning beaches.

I had the best intentions for writing some haiku while I was there. I took a little notebook to write in and when it came down to actually writing…… none of it happened! After being there for a couple of days and finally winding down from such a busy few months, I really just wanted to be present, go with the flow and most of all enjoy and savour the time I had. The first week went by so slowly. I read a book, read magazines and had several naps, now that I think of it, I think I turned into a cat! I also took in all of the wonderful things that this beautiful part of the world has to offer.

We would get up with the sun, the roosters (who are noisy pretty much 24/7!) and all of the beautiful birds that were quite active during that time of day. We turned into geeky bird watchers but it was fun and since we had such an amazing view where we were staying, we spent much of our time on the top deck under the palapa. Sun gazing in the morning and star gazing late into the night. The first night we were there we were greeted with a huge beautiful full moon rising above the mountains. It felt like it was saying hello just to us and giving us a big, bright welcome.

As we entered our second week, the time started to speed up. This was when my awareness of being in the moment became even more focused. I took it all in and savoured it. One the third last day we discovered one of the most stunning and active beaches I’ve ever seen. The surf was strong and powerful. We nestled into a little cove and just stayed there and watched the surf for hours. Watching Mother Nature do her thing with the waves crashing in and out was breath taking. The sand was thick and coarse with little gold gems that sparkled under the sun. This beach had a lot of volcanic ash, black rocks and a beautiful pattern of black shimmery sand that was filled with history and I would imagine many untold stories.

Once our trip was coming to an end I was fully ready, rested and wanting to come home. There’s nothing like being away as much as sleeping in your own bed! Since I’ve been back, my creativity has increased, my writing is more focused and my ability to be more present has increased. Even though I didn’t write haiku while I was there, I was fully present with no distractions and loved every minute of it. Something that haiku has taught me to do over the years.

Haiku poetry is a short poem based on the seasons, creating images and feelings of being in the moment.

• Are you interested in learning how to be more aware and focused?
• Do you want to be more inspired to be in the moment?
• Are you curious to explore your creative side that is non-intimidating?

When you take the Haiku Just for You course you will see how haiku can have a healing effect on you. Get inspired and heal from whatever ails you while bringing peaceful moments into your life. Slowing down and savouring the moment can make life much sweeter and way easier.

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