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Spring, cherry blossoms and haiku poetry

Cherry blossom time

It’s cherry blossom time! Finally! After what felt like (and really was) a very long winter, the beginnings of spring are finally making an appearance here in Vancouver. A little late in the season but I’m finally seeing pink and white petals pop up here and there throughout the city. The cherry blossom is often seen as a reference to the spring. A re-birth and new beginning with knowing that the buds beginning to bloom now will bring the long awaited fruits of summer in a few months.

Since the New Year I’ve been super busy with not only my book, but I’ve been transforming my free introductory course into a larger paid course that comes with seasonal journals, workbooks and 24 design templates for students to use to turn their haiku poetry into beautiful designs. If you are following me on Facebook and Instagram the templates will be similar to the designs you’ve seen me post. This new course is an extension of the mini course with much more. Some of the feedback I received with the free course was to include workbooks and journals which now makes it a complete package.

The course is for anyone who is looking to learn a new skill, get more creative and see how haiku can be healing and be beneficial to your health. Haiku Just for You is an on-line course that you can work on at your own pace. I will guide you through Five Modules to teach you all about haiku, a little bit of the history and a fun pick and choose exercise to learn the basics. There are steps on the “rules” and tips on how to write haiku to help guide you through the process.

You don’t need to be a writer OR an artist! Just have an open mind and a curious spirit.

Here are some of the things that you will receive with the course:

  • Five Modules that consist of beautifully designed slide decks that will guide you through the course.
  • You will meet the early Master Haiku poets and see how to compose a few verses with a mix and match game that will teach you more about haiku
  • Learn about the rules (such as you don’t need to count 17 syllables!) and have some guidelines to write your own haiku poems
  • Once you’ve mastered your haiku you will have the opportunity to turn your poetry into pieces of art with stunning seasonal design templates

This weekend is Sakura Days at VanDusen Gardens which is part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. I will be there with fellow members of the Vancouver Haiku Group at the Glasshouse which is near the restaurant. Come meet me and say hello. I will have my book and lot’s of beautiful haiku designs. I have a special offer for the course over the weekend that I can tell you about. There will be haiku workshops, pop-up readings in the garden, a button maker to make your own designs and much more. Rain or shine it’s the perfect weekend to enjoy the blossoms, Japanese culture and learn a little haiku.

Click here to find out more about the Festival. I hope to see you there!

Japan Fair Vancouver

When you take the Haiku Just for You course you will see how haiku can have a healing effect on you. Get inspired and heal from whatever ails you while bringing peaceful moments into your life. Slowing down and savouring the moment can make life much sweeter and way easier.

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