Immerse yourself with the beauty of haiku and design. These offerings cover a variety of ways to bring haiku, mindfulness and slowing down into your everyday life. You will experience yourself in a new way, indulging in a harmony of your senses, opening your heart and healing your soul.

Mindfulness Programs

Senses for the Soul.

Give the gift of mindfulness to a loved one or for yourself. Through mindfulness, creativity and the art of Haiku poetry you’ll learn to connect with your senses in the moments of the immediate world around you. You’ll become inspired to embrace self-care and make it an important part of your life.

Curated Mindfulness Programs

Senses for the Soul for Corporate Culture.

Everyday Haiku collaborates with organizations to create unique and special mindfulness experiences. Custom designed with your logo and brand assests to create a program that is in tune to your corporate culture.

One-on-one Mindfulness Program

Senses for the Soul.

Imagine living in a place of “being” instead of “doing” where you are fully aware, fully present and fully connected to the world around you. Allow me to be your personal HAIKU MINDFULNESS GUIDE. As you take this 8 week journey of discovery, you’ll awaken your senses, heal your heart and facilitate growth and change in your everyday life.

The Mindful Poet – Book

Celebrating a Year of Haiku.

Journey through the seasons with haiku. Slow down so you can see, feel and experience the extraordinary beauty of simple, everyday moments in life. This book and journal will provide you with knowledge, inspiration and insights through the beauty and simplicity that haiku offers.

Graphic Design Offers

The Zen of Design.

With over 20 years of graphic design experience, Anne can bring an elegant beauty to any heart based business. Her background with creating visuals will give your project a strong brand presence. Please reach out If you’re looking to explore new ideas and offers to your audience that is in-line with the simplicity of Zen.

Haiku Meditations & Videos

Walk with me into the world of haiku.

Discover new ways to connect with yourself and your senses that transports you to magical and peaceful places. These haiku meditation practices are guided by Anne. They are filled with soothing images and soft music as she takes you on a journey into yourself through the beauty of haiku and nature.

Everyday Haiku is a virtual business that operates on traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the K’ómoks First Nation.