Are you a mid-life woman who is in a constant state of “doing”? Are craving to transition
into a slower pace of “being”?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection with nature
and a sense of balance in your life?

Introducing the 
Everyday Seasonal Living Circle
Embark on a journey of exploration and embrace the idea of a simplified lifestyle. 

Research has shown that such a lifestyle can help us thrive in creative ways. Imagine the joy, connection, and stillness you could experience by living in harmony with the ever-changing seasons of life. The Everyday Seasonal Living circle offers a unique experience unlike any other membership you’ve been a part of. It combines learning, inspiration, and creative ways of being, providing you with reminders and tools to live “in the moment” and nourish your soul.

The concept of seasonal living is rooted in the idea of living more in sync with nature and recognizing the impact of seasonal changes on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It can promote a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle while fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its rhythms.

Everyday Seasonal Living

The Everyday Seasonal Living Circle offers
a unique experience unlike any other membership you’ve been a part of. It combines learning, inspiration, and creative ways of being, providing you with reminders and tools to live “in the moment” and nourish your soul.

I loved learning about Seasonal Living - The Way of Haiku. Anne explained in her gentle nature how everything reflects around the seasons, cycles of the moon and life and what Haiku is. She had us go for a Gingo Walk which is taking time to be in the moment and observe sights, scents and sounds in nature and then we journaled about our experience. She also lead us through a short meditation with Haiku that took us through each of the seasons. Her workshop was most relaxing and I now have a newfound interest in Haiku.

Bobbie Norton

Introducing the
Everyday Seasonal Living Circle

A monthly membership to inspire you to slow down and see the world in a new way.

As a member of the Everyday Seasonal Living Circle, each month you’ll receive following:

Seasonal journals filled with haiku and mindfulness prompts
A seasonal calendar featuring moon cycles
Haiku meditations
Full moon meditations
Weekly inspiration and learning on how to live in harmony with each season
Weekly haiku for reflection, serving as a reminder to be present
Weekend activity prompts, such as forest bathing or nature walks
Monthly live sessions with guest speakers, including presentations, yoga classes, sound baths, and more
Seasonal recipes and a list of seasonal foods to support your well-being
Seasonal creative projects to spark your creativity
Seasonal mindfulness tips to cultivate presence in your daily life


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Seasonally - quarterly

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Introducing haiku and the energetic cycles of each season.

The four phases of the moon are connected to the seasons throughout the month. The waxes and wanes of the seasons exist for a reason, they serve as a bridge to the sun and the moon that reflects back to the earth. Each season in haiku is celebrated for its unique characteristics and symbolism. Haiku beautifully captures the transitory nature of the seasons. By focusing on a single moment or detail in nature, haiku poetry evokes a sense of impermanence and the ever-changing beauty of the world. One of the essential aspects of haiku is the use of kigo, which are words or phrases associated with specific seasons. There are times of rest in the winter, planting in the spring, flowering in the summer, and harvesting into fall.

The energy of spring 

waxing moon

Growth & Vitality
Renewal & Rebirth
Cherry & Plum Blossoms
Optimism & Positivity
Vibrancy & Colour

The Japanese word for spring is HaruIt's the season of renewal that comes alive after the stillness of winter. We feel reborn as we make plans, initiate new projects and plant new seeds for the future. The blooming of flowers, the return of leaves on trees, and the birth of baby animals symbolize a fresh start and the energy of renewal. The colourful blossoms and lush greenery that emerge in this season gives a feeling of vibrancy and newness. This is when we are most connected to the morning and childhood dreams filled with hope and desire.

The energy of summer


Joy & Happiness
Abundance & Growth
Fireflies & Sunflowers
Youth & Rejuvenation
Sun & Light

The Japanese word for summer is NatsuSummer is a time of plenty, with bountiful harvests and vibrant vegetation. It symbolizes abundance, fertility, and growth in various aspects of life. The summer solstice, which marks the longest day of the year, is a significant event celebrated in many cultures. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and is associated with enlightenment and spiritual growth. This phase can represent a sense of youthful energy and renewal. It’s when our energy is at its highest and is connected to the summer season, daylight and young adulthood.

The energy of fall 


Gratitude & Transition
Harvest & Abundance
Pumpkins & Bonfires
Letting Go & Change
Maturity & Wisdom

The Japanese word for fall is AkiThis final phase is to surrender, release and let go. Fall can be seen as both an end and a beginning which symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and the rewards of hard work. It marks the end of the warm season but also the beginning of a time of preparation for the coming winter. The falling leaves and the shedding of trees symbolize the act of letting go, releasing what is no longer needed, and making way for new growth. The moon fades into darkness representing the fall harvest, maturity and the early evening.

The energy of winter

new moon

Reflection & Introspection
Resilience & Endurance
First Snow & Mandarin Oranges
Restoration & Transformation
Timelessness & Eternity

The Japanese word for winter is FuyuThis is the darkest phase of the moon’s cycle representing new beginnings. Winter has significant changes in the natural world as the shedding of leaves and the dormant state of vegetation serves as a symbol for transformation and change. The quiet and stillness of the season is the best time of year to look inward, self-reflect and go within. The never-ending cycle of seasons, including winter, is a representation of the eternal and timeless nature of life and the universe. It is a time for restoration, slowing down and reflection bringing in the stillness of winter, aging and the night time.

I'm here to inspire you... are you ready?

At first I wasn’t sure if the Everyday Seasonal Living circle was for me but was pleasantly surprised. I loved learning about the history of Haiku and the mindfulness practice that goes along with it. I’d recommend this membership to anyone looking to ignite their creative side!

Rachel Joy Olsen

Anne Dunnett is a Haiku poet and creative designer based on Vancouver Island. Anne’s first experience with Haiku came from her Grandmother, opening a door that would lead her on a remarkable journey for the rest of her life. Anne’s intimate relationship with writing Haiku has fuelled her belief that Haiku is a powerful tool on the path to mindfulness, healing and daily stress management.

Anne’s haiku poetry has won honourable mentions and has been critiqued and reviewed by some of the best – and best known – Haiku poets in Canada and the United States. She has been self-published and her works have been featured in Haiku anthologies, including Erotic Haiku. Anne’s Haiku poems have won honourable mentions at Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

Anne has found her purpose and passion in showing others how to embrace their creativity and use Haiku to unlock their spirituality and learn to be in the moment. Mindfulness has brought wholeness to her life and Haiku has led her to a lifestyle filled with endless benefits and possibilities.

What you will gain from Everyday Seasonal Living

4 ways to live in harmony with the seasons

Learn how to live in tune with the energy of the seasons and experience how it will bring peace and wholeness to your life.

Find out how to rekindle your relationship with nature that gives you an abundance of opportunities to
learn from.

Be inspired by the ancient form of haiku poetry that uses seasonal words
to celebrate being in
the moment.

Discover how to embody stillness within to feel aligned and connected with the wonders of the
natural world.

“Live in each season as it passes;
breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the
fruit, and resign yourself to the
of the earth.”


Sign up today for only $37 a month and embark on a journey of living with meaning, purpose, and harmony, just as you were born to do.

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