How to bring more JOY into your everyday life

What brings you the most joy in life? Joyful moments and happiness is what everyone wants and once we find it, we want to keep it and hang onto. Joy is an emotion that lifts you up and takes you to a place that feels good. I picked “JOY” as the theme for June because a lot of us have been dealing with too much stress, worry and concerns about life. The definition for joy in the dictionary is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness” and it’s something that we could benefit from having more of on a daily basis. But, how do you get it? How can we find ways to bring more joy into our lives, especiallly in the midst of a pandemic? It’s about finding simplicity in the upheaval. Going for a walk in nature and taking in what you see, smell and hear. Haiku is about the simple, small ordinary moments and making them extraordinary. I’ve noticed since COVID has come into our lives that people are slowing down and finding ways to appreciate many of the things that we have taken for granted. Meeting a friend for coffee or going to a movie. Such simple joys in life that you never would have imagined NOT being able to do six months ago. As we cautiously move into the next phase of re-opening the economy, we are still on edge and uncertain. Some people are super excited, some are worried and some are feeling a combination of both.

How do you master the art of joyful living? It’s perspective, when you look at the world with awareness in new and different ways, you can start to see the beauty in the little things. Be curious during this time and consider it as an opportunity to go within, get quiet and get become comfortable in the silence of your mind. When you get still, you’re able to connect with yourself and your senses that facilitates the ability to appreciate the smallest of small things. The magic that mother nature offers is enough to bring such joys. Taking a few minutes to breath in the scent of fresh cut flowers and looking at the beauty in each petal. When you make room and allow space for these moments, you will find that these simple things will find their way into your everyday life that fills you up and brings joy. The more you do it, the more joy will come your way, it just takes practice and awareness.

10 ways to bring JOY into you life



1. Wriggling your toes in the sand

2. Watching the moon rise in the night sky

3. Breathing in the sea air



4. Feeling the wind in your hair

5. Enjoying the taste of honey

6. Moving to the sound of music



7. Make friends with your feelings

8. Connect with your heart

9. Practice everyday awareness



her smile —

ice cream melts

down his hand

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