My first book! How Haiku Found Me

For a few months now I’ve had my book completed and have been procrastinating out of my own fear about putting it out there. But the time is right and I’m finally ready! Well, almost. 🙂

I’m in the process of turning it into a epub as well as a print version for those of you who still love the tactile feel in your hands of traditional print on paper. It’s a book filled with beautifully designed pages that you will want to keep around.

How Haiku Found Me is my personal journey as a haiku poet, artist and graphic designer. A visually stunning and inspirational book that tells my story of finding my voice and soul’s calling. I share how the connection with my grandmother began my path in learning about haiku and my creative process of bridging haiku with design. I talk about my challenges and inner frustrations early in my career as a graphic designer and how I felt that there was much more for me to do with my life than just to be a graphic designer. There has always been something brewing that has taken many years to unravel and discover. What began as a hobby, is now a place of sharing and teaching others my love of design and haiku poetry.

I write a little bit about haiku and Zen and how they both focus on simplicity and not on the conceptualization of thought. Zen is a discipline of enlightenment which can lead to freedom, and its connection to haiku poetry is in the sharing of non-conceptualization, as haiku is about being in the moment to create a feeling and not about ideas.

Haiku has had a deep and strong effect on me, I am passionate about spreading my message and helping others discover peacefulness in our very fast paced world. I talk about my personal struggles with finding my way and how haiku has helped me to be more grounded, much more present and to heal from emotional pain. It has become a creative outlet that is a big part of my life which sometime surprises me in how such a small form of poetry has changed me. I have found that we are the same within our hearts and souls in sharing a commonality amongst us. Haiku provides a simple approach to our everyday experiences that can create a safe space of calm and tranquility, a place to reflect, to feel,  to drink in the essence of life. I have experienced a strong sense of coming home and am excited to be sharing my first book with you.

How Haiku Found Me is the perfect read if you are looking to:

  • Live a life that free of stress, mindful and full of joy
  • Be grounded and connect with nature
  • Awaken and discover the artist within
  • Learn, write and create
  • Be in the moment

Walk with me in my world of How Haiku Found Me and experience relief from daily stress with the creation of peaceful and joy-filled moments. Stay tuned, my book will be ready soon and I will let you know when it will be available for purchase.

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