February is National Haiku Writing Month!

February is “National Haiku Writing Month”. At the end of January I wasn’t even aware if this. I’ve been posting some of my haiku and designs onto my Facebook page when I came across a link that informed me of this. Since February is a short month it’s become write a haiku a day month because haiku is the shortest form or poetry. I spontaneously decided to take up the challenge to do it!

It’s February 12th and so far so good. I’m almost half way through this challenge and what appeared to be daunting and somewhat intimidating at first has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. My usual style of writing haiku is to go through spurts of writing a lot for some time and then leaving it for a while and then getting back to it when the inspiration sparks again. My initial fear was that I was going to write crappy haiku and wanted to make things “perfect”. Some of them have been a total hit and some of them not so much. The purpose for me to do this has been to practice my writing by being in the moment more and be more present with the process. Some of the best haiku that I’ve been coming up with have been the quickest which is a clear indication of being in the creative flow.

Since haiku is based on the seasons, most of the ones I’ve written so far have been about snow and the weather. It’s been a crazy winter here in Vancouver and we’ve had more snow days than I can ever remember. Usually by now there is a hint of spring. As I look out the window I can still see snow covering the grass. There’s been a lot to write about throughout this month which has been helpful for topics and themes. We just had a full moon eclipse which was referred to as a “snow moon”. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and as we near the end of month we begin to feel the seasonal shift into the long awaited spring. The days are getting a little bit longer each day and the cold, dark winter hours will soon be behind us.

Writing a haiku a day has been good in so many ways. Most of all it’s helped me to be more aware of nature, my immediate surroundings and with what is happening in the world. February can often be a dull and dreary month and the need for love and light is strong. With the anticipation and the countdown for when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, we’re getting close and almost there.

Join me on Facebook for the rest of this month and be inspired with the beauty of nature every day.


Haiku poetry is a short poem based on the seasons, creating images and feelings of being in the moment.

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