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Do you have a heart centered business?

Do you love the design and how the experience of the Everday Haiku brand feels?

Are you looking for a unique and new way to visually represent your business?

bring me your ideas!

let me express the energy of haiku & zen into your projects.

Find out what from others what the experience
of working with me will give you.

Kanso – simplicity

Simplicity is one of the key components to achieving good design. Beauty and visual elegance draws viewers into your brand in a way that creates a curiosity and conversation.

Shizen – naturalness

Naturalness in design and your overall brand provides a feeling of comfort and ease that will attract clients. Overcomplicating things makes for a confusing and often unclear message.

Shibumi – elegance

Adding elegance to your brand gives it a look and feel of an established and sophisticated business. A less is more concept; less colour, less clutter and less mixed messages that can sometimes happen with a brand.