Awaken your senses with the joy of mindful cooking

September has arrived! I’m excited and thrilled to announce that I have been chosen to be the resident poet for Marmalade + Kindness. I received a lovely email in the middle of July from the founder, Adamantia Velonis asking if I would be interested in being interviewed. After a few emails back and forth and […]

Spring, cherry blossoms and haiku poetry

It’s cherry blossom time! Finally! After what felt like (and really was) a very long winter, the beginnings of spring are finally making an appearance here in Vancouver. A little late in the season but I’m finally seeing pink and white petals pop up here and there throughout the city. The cherry blossom is often […]

This day has finally arrived!

After many, many months of twists and turns that has transformed beautifully, I have finally completed my new haiku website, intro course and my very first book! It’s close to a year and a half ago that I was sparked with an idea to create and develop a course that incorporated all of the things […]

What haiku poetry can do for you

Haiku poetry is an invitation to be in the moment and connect with nature. It wasn’t until recently that I realized why I’m so drawn to this simple form of poetry. After writing haiku and reading the haiku of others over the past several years, I’ve finally been able to clearly understand why I’m so […]