Brand storytelling with haiku poetry

Haiku poetry is based on everyday experiences and putting them into three short lines. It’s a powerful way to become more present that clearly tells a story. Haiku poetry is all about being in the moment and being in the moment has become such an important and necessary part of life that most of us are missing out on why we need it. As a graphic designer and haiku poet, I create content as well as visuals that is in-line with brands. It is a fantastic conversation starter that can build over time with a series of posts for social media content and other marketing campaigns. By adding your logo and your brand colours I can provide you with a cohesive and professional representation of your business. It will get people curious and start conversations about you and your offers.

Haiku can represent your brand in a way that is as unique as your business.

We are living in such a massive content driven world these days. Most of us are burnt out and exhausted with having to come up with something clever to say all the time for social media posts. I recently put on a haiku workshop at a retreat on Vancouver Island and a woman was looking at all my haiku poems. She really like them but was somewhat confused. She asked me what she’s supposed to do with it. It struck me as to just how action orientated we are as a society and how we have forgotten to just “be”, to slow down and God forbid……. do nothing. I explained to her that haiku is meant to experience the words and allow it to take her to a different time and place. To feel the words and enjoy it for the simple expression that it represents. Haiku is a lot like “slow food”  but perfect in this fast paced world with the short and brief format.

I offer branded haiku packages for social media posts that are a clear representation of your business.

With these packages you get stunning social media designs that are easy to use to make your social media messages stand out and get noticed. They will match your brand and you will no longer be stumped on what to say or need to come up with content. I’m currently doing a series for a chiropractor and she’s thrilled that she has new content to post that allows her to engage with her followers and start conversations based on the haiku. Her haiku is in-line with her specific market and themed by topics that are in the moment and relevant to her business.

See the samples above of some of my clients haiku.


“The primary purpose of reading and writing haiku is sharing moments of our lives that have moved us, pieces of experience and perception that we offer or receive as gifts.”


American haiku poet, historian, translator and haiku guru.


Here are some other ways haiku can enhance your brand.

  • Events • Ceremonies • Social media • Web graphics • Invitations • Weddings • Marketing


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