Spring, cherry blossoms and haiku poetry

It’s cherry blossom time! Finally! After what felt like (and really was) a very long winter, the beginnings of spring are finally making an appearance here in Vancouver. A little late in the season but I’m finally seeing pink and white petals pop up here and there throughout the city. The cherry blossom is often […]

My first book! How Haiku Found Me

For a few months now I’ve had my book completed and have been procrastinating out of my own fear about putting it out there. But the time is right and I’m finally ready! Well, almost. 🙂 I’m in the process of turning it into a epub as well as a print version for those of […]

February is National Haiku Writing Month!

February is “National Haiku Writing Month”. At the end of January I wasn’t even aware if this. I’ve been posting some of my haiku and designs onto my Facebook page when I came across a link that informed me of this. Since February is a short month it’s become write a haiku a day month […]

The power of meow and haiku moments

Here we are at the end of January already. For me, 2017 has started off on a wee bit of a sad note. Actually, it was a rough ending to 2016 and a bumpy start to the year. For those of you who are pet owners will understand this blog. I adopted a sweet, beautiful […]

Bring in the New Year with haiku poetry

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017! Another year has flown by. Here we are saying good-bye to 2016 with reflection and thought and embracing a new year filled with hope and inspiration for what lies ahead. Like most of us, I like take to the time to review what I’ve accomplished over the past year. An overview […]

Celebrate the light of Winter Solstice with haiku

What is the Winter Solstice? The Winter Solstice has been celebrated for centuries and is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. It’s a time that is known for the sun to stand still before moving forwards to the slow progression of longer days. It has carried strong symbolism and some people […]

Haiku: one breath poetry

Haiku is sometimes called “one breath poetry” which means that it can be recited between the in-breath and the out-breath. That is just how short of a poem it really is. Notice how effortless it is to breathe. It’s the one thing that we can’t live without. It’s the first thing we do when we’re […]

The seasonal shift from fall to winter

In the last week of October I attended a wonderful haiku workshop/conference across the border in the beautiful state of Washington in the small community of Seabeck. Since it was close to Halloween there was a Halloween theme throughout the weekend. One of my favourite parts of the weekend was escaping into nature by exploring […]

This day has finally arrived!

After many, many months of twists and turns that has transformed beautifully, I have finally completed my new haiku website, intro course and my very first book! It’s close to a year and a half ago that I was sparked with an idea to create and develop a course that incorporated all of the things […]

What haiku poetry can do for you

Haiku poetry is an invitation to be in the moment and connect with nature. It wasn’t until recently that I realized why I’m so drawn to this simple form of poetry. After writing haiku and reading the haiku of others over the past several years, I’ve finally been able to clearly understand why I’m so […]