Become a haiku poet with uBlossom Retreats

I’m thrilled and honoured to have been invited by Dennyse Harris of uBlossom Retreats to facilitate an introductory workshop on haiku poetry. Walk with me in my world of Everyday Haiku at Loon Lake in Maple Ridge from June 23-25. You will learn how tap into your creativity, be more present, slow down and connect with nature. It’s easy, fun and a non-intimidating way to be creative. In this introductory workshop you will learn that haiku is not what you might think it is. See how I have become more present, more mindful and less stressed from learning, writing and creating through the healing benefits of haiku poetry. I will share with you my passion for haiku and design and how I’ve been inspired by my Grandmother who wrote haiku. Over 20 years ago I began creating designs featuring my Grandmother’s poems while working as a freelance graphic designer. This calling has evolved over the years to now by sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. Experience relief from daily stress and find out how haiku can help you discover your own creative voice and give you more peaceful and joy-filled moments. You only have to bring an open mind and a curious spirit.

This introductory Everyday Haiku workshop includes:

  • Learning a bit about haiku. My goal for participants is to gain awareness and presence through haiku whether you choose to write or not is not the purpose of this workshop. Haiku is a beautiful form of poetry that can help you be mindful and connect with nature that is healing and simply just good for the soul
  • You will learn a bit about me, why I love haiku and how it has helped me
  • You will find out that haiku is not what you might think it is
  • You will learn that it is NOT about counting syllables and why
  • You will have examples of good haiku poems and others that are not real haiku in it’s true form
  • You have the opportunity to “compose” some haiku with a fun pick and choose exercise
  • Time permitted, we will go for “Ginko” walk and write some of your own haiku!
  • You will also get to take home some haiku designs and a FREE copy of my book

This retreat is put on by uBlossom Retreats. Make space for U! Give yourself permission to explore what inspires you – Mind, Body and Spirit. Join us for an unforgettable weekend for women at the beautiful Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre. Unplug, relax and connect with a collective of women, who are inspirational and lift YOU up! Your all-inclusive weekend will leave you rested and clear minded, and equipped with tools for your self-care toolbox. Think of it as an internal massage for your soul!

The weekend includes 2 nights shared accommodation, 6 meals, 7 workshops, keynote speakers, yoga and meditation.

It’s all planned for you, simply book your ticket and arrive-ready for bliss! Your uBlossom team awaits you!

Click here for more info and book your tickets. Save $125 when you sign up today! $125 off the regular price of $525 plus tax.

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