2 for 1 summer special template design offer!

As an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it is to keep up with industry changes. I have been working for years as a graphic designer and my haiku website is relatively new. Businesses evolve, grow and transform and I’m not alone with this. I know many of you who have two businesses or more and juggling them and figuring out how they fit together. A transformation is in the works for my graphic design business.

This social media template design offer is that bridge between them.

Everyday haiku is a blend of haiku and design. I’ve created an on-line course that comes with haiku designs where students can add their own haiku poem into the design and have a little piece of art. I recently put on a workshop and one of the attendees loved these “template designs” and wanted to use them to promote her own business on social media. I explained to her that the haiku designs are not intended or meant for that usage and they are a big part of the Everyday Haiku brand. As a result of this, it sparked a fantastic idea to help people like her who are looking for beautiful and inspirational designs so that they can add quotes, content and get them noticed and remembered by their followers.

I’ve created design template bundles for people to use for posting onto social media in any way that they want. See the offer below with design samples and more information.

AND, I’m in the process of creating an exciting social media haiku design offer!

For those of you who are at a loss of what to say. This will make it easy! It will include branded haiku and designs for your business that you can post on an ongoing basis. The haiku will be in-line with your specific market and themed by topics that are in the moment and relevant to your business. It will get people curious about you and your offers.

Stay tuned! More details are in the works.

In the meantime don’t miss out on this summer offer and please enjoy the Everyday Haiku site.


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