• Everyday Haiku helps you step into the stillness
    of your mind that has always been there.


Hello and Welcome.

Open the door and walk with me into a new world that has been waiting for you.

Everything is changing. We’re in the midst of a huge transformation and we are being shaken to the bone to wake up. Haiku poetry is your invitation to be in the moment and connect with the beauty of nature and the immediate world around you. We’re moving into a time where the true essence of who you are is free, comes from your heart, your soul, your Buddha nature so you can express yourself in the way that you were meant to. With love, compassion, connection and healing, we can overcome fear and rebuild ourselves towards a better future. The simplicity that haiku offers will help you to get there.

Unlock your potential for increasing positivity and joy in your life by embracing the mindful activity of reading, listening, meditating and reflecting on simple day-to-day moments.

Join me with my on-line offers that shows you how to bring this engaging form of Japanese poetry into your everyday life as a powerful tool for mindfulness.

You will learn how to be more present and aware of what you are doing on a daily basis. Give yourself the gift of mindfulness. Slow down so you can see, feel and experience the extraordinary beauty of life with Everyday Haiku.

A woman's hands gripping a rosary.


Emmerse yourself with the beauty of haiku and design. These offerings provide ways to bring haiku into your life. You can learn about haiku or have Anne design a special project.


Latte and haiku journals on a wood desk or table top.


How is haiku connected to mindfulness? Because haiku is written in the present tense, is based on awareness and the senses, the fact is, that it’s inherently mindful.


A starry night sky with black mountains reflecting on a darkened lake. Haiku Meditative Videos "My Story"


Experience the joy of haiku in the form of weekly videos, giving you a time that is just for you.
Give yourself the gift of haiku meditations that connects you to your senses and nature.


Seeking Inspiration?

Receive haiku inspiration once a week and discover how reading haiku taps into all of your senses giving you a feeling of peace. Join the growing community of mindful haiku enthusiasts – it’s free!

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Enjoy a year of haiku!


If you already love receiving my weekly newsletter, you can now have an extended beautiful print version of it! This first book is one full year of weekly haiku with journal pages that takes you through the seasons.

For anyone who wishes to express experience in an immediate, at times intimate, and often moving emotion, taking her course and/or reading her book, is an excel- lent way to discover mindful moments, or perhaps uncover the gift of creative expression. The inspiration she incites with her haiku and striking graphic creations–is a joy to receive. It is often a surprise. . . like an unexpected, beautiful present.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers? Enjoyed an Aromatic bath? Read and learned about haiku? Anne’s creativity and incredible haiku poetry will inspire you to stop, look, breathe, imagine, and take it all in. Her stories, passion and desire draw you into the experience awakening your senses and leaving you wanting to learn more. Thank you Anne for the wonderful haiku offers and sharing your wisdom.

Of all the emails that arrive daily, Anne’s weekly Haiku Inspiration is the one I look forward to the most. I love the haiku poem of the week, the simple elegance of the design, and the message is a treasure in itself. If only for a few minutes, it takes me to a mindful place of calm, reflection and goodness.