About Everyday Haiku

Hello, I’m Anne Dunnett and I’m the founder, writer and designer of Everyday Haiku.  I created Everyday Haiku in 2006 from a deep-rooted interest in Zen Arts. What began as a hobby, has evolved over many years of self-discovery and exploration to find myself in this place of sharing and teaching others my love of design and haiku poetry.

Throughout this process what I have found the most is that we are the same within our hearts and souls, that there is a commonality amongst us. Through this journey I have experienced a strong sense of coming home.  I write here, publish books and create courses especially for those who are looking to:

        • Live a life that is free of stress, mindful and full of joy
        • Be grounded and connect with nature
        • Awaken  and discover the artist within
        • Heighten the power of being in the moment
        • Learn, write and create

A snapshot of my journey:

My mom often took my sister and me to visit. I loved spending time with her and was quite intrigued and fascinated by her and all of her interests. She was extremely creative, a modern woman with a lot of charm. Way ahead of her time, she didn’t have the support that allowed her creativity to flourish in the way she had wished. I found myself drawn to her interest in metaphysics, spirituality, meditation and of course haiku poetry. Her book shelves were filled with many of these interesting topics which I would spend hours looking through.

As I grew up, our relationship continued to deepen and she was a source of support and inspiration for me. My mind used to be very busy and filled with so much chatter that it kept me from being able to focus and be present. I was drawn to haiku and Zen but was not fully aware of why and that it was my soul’s calling.

After going to art school I became interested in Asian arts, creating gift cards using hand-made paper and my grandmother’s haiku. Well before I started to write my own haiku, I was intrigued by the seasons without even knowing or understanding the connection to haiku.


Over my career as a graphic designer I have worked with many clients on projects including brand development, design and layout for newsletters and traditional print newspapers, magazines, books and major web-based projects. On weekends, evenings and sometimes between projects I would immerse myself in design and haiku. My wish is to inspire others to enjoy this beautiful and ancient form of poetry in a modern and contemporary format.

Haiku is poetry, and it is also a way of life. It has shown me how to connect more with my natural rhythms by being in nature and writing. It has inspired me to lead a life of simple elegance grounded on the principles of awareness, being in the moment, and living with purpose. Creativity comes in many different forms and with a little guidance it is easy to achieve. Let me help you discover a creative and healing outlet so you can be more present in your life.

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